Emirates National Petroleum P.J.S.C.


Emirates National Petroleum P.J.S.C.

Emirates National Petroleum P.J.S.C.

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Emirates National Petroleum P.J.S.C.

Emirates National Petroleum Company (ENPC), a Private Joint Stock Company, started with the vision of our four Emirati founders. As a leading integrated international performer, operating across the energy sector, our inspired vision founded the company in 2020 to pursue investment opportunities in the energy sector both inside and outside the United Arab Emirates. Through participation in energy and energy related projects, the Company plays an important role in the U.A.E. to diversify the local economy and to promote Emirati and foreign investment in the private sector.

About us

Emirates National Petroleum Company P.J.S.C. “ENPC” is a leading integrated international energy performer, operating across the energy sector significance string.

As an entity of the private sector, 90% owned by SANBAN Business Commercial Investments L.L.C., a highly reputable and respected local company in different fields of activity. SANBAN Business Commercial Investments L.L.C. is owned by His Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, a member of the royal and ruling family of Abu Dhabi, His Excellency Mr. Abdulmajeed Al Fahim a reputable pioneer of Al Fahim Group, Mr. Ahmad Al Khoori a well known business and investment leader and Mr. Mohammed Al Hebsi an honourable Business to Business Ambassador.

ENPC’s main business trade, import and export of petroleum products, petrochemical products, equipment, fuel and lubricant.

Message from our Chairman

ENPC’s founders’ prime objective is to inspire a quality culture focused on the petroleum and energy industry within the region and beyond. We strive to achieve our objective by implementing new infrastructure projects with enhanced technology coupled with advanced design, system engineering, planning studies and also by upgrading and the rehabilitation of existing dated facilities in this industry, which is a key area that is vital to the sustainable future of our environment. We are able to meet the various requirements of such a huge sector in energy and petroleum through forming workable partnerships between local and international entities ensuring the availability of expertise in each area essential to project fulfilment.

H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Nahyan


Message from our CEO

Abdulmajeed AlFahim


Our aspiration and knowledge is driven with close collaboration with world class companies holding the technology, the know-how and the networking with our SANBAN Business to Business Ambassadors, as well as research institutions supporting our clients in providing the best suppliers, contractors, design team, engineering and services beyond the warranty period ensuring full satisfaction to both the end user and even generations to come.

Deliberate Aims


To be an innovation energy partner, silvering ecological, environmental, conversational value and diligence leading performance.


We deliver world class sustainable and integrated energy solution.


Shipment & Logistics

By having our acquaintances in Greece, Taiwan, Singapore, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Oman and China with cooperation and Joint Venture agreement via our own Mediterranean Middle East Logistic and shipment LLC in UAE, we have distinguished ourselves from other traders. Our continuous availability and accessibility enable us to offer the best logistic price, and gratify our clients.



A major challenge is product availability for ‘spot’ deals for clients. Moreover, buyers are looking for consistent business; new clients always need their product at the soonest possible date and they don’t shy away to pay more. Having storage facilities in different locations with different depths and capacity in Oman, Fujairah, Al Hamriya and Ras Al Khaimah gives our clients easy access to load and distribute their products in respect to market demand.


Our experienced sales and marketing teams, coupled with our expertise gives enormous buoyancy to our clients when it comes to product range, which we are dividing into four different categories:

  1. Oil & Gas Products
  2. Petrochemicals
  3. Oil & Gas Equipment and Tools
  4. Services (including Logistics and Storage)


Fuel & Feed

Our Branches


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