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Emirates National Petroleum P.J.S.C.

Emirates National Petroleum Company (ENPC), a Private Joint Stock Company, started with the vision of our four Emirati founders. As a leading integrated international performer, operating across the energy sector, our inspired vision founded the company in 2020 to pursue investment opportunities in the energy sector both inside and outside the United Arab Emirates. Through participation in energy and energy related projects, the Company plays an important role in the U.A.E. to diversify the local economy and to promote Emirati and foreign investment in the private sector.

About us

Emirates National Petroleum Company P.J.S.C. “ENPC” is a leading integrated international energy performer, operating across the energy sector significance string.

As an entity of the private sector, 90% owned by SANBAN Business Commercial Investments L.L.C., a highly reputable and respected local company in different fields of activity. SANBAN Business Commercial Investments L.L.C. is owned by  Mr. Abdulmajeed Al Fahim a reputable pioneer of Al Fahim Group, Mr. Ahmad Al Khoori a well known business and investment leader and Mr. Mohammed Al Hebsi an honourable Business to Business Ambassador.

ENPC’s main business trade, import and export of petroleum products, petrochemical products, equipment, fuel and lubricant.

Message from our Chairman

Ahmad Al Khouri


Emirates National Petroleum Founders, prime objective and the vision is to inspire a quality culture within the region and beyond aiming for industry in petroleum and energy sector implementing new infrastructure projects with enhance technology coupled with advanced design, system engineering, planning studies and also for upgrading and rehabilitation of existing dated facilities in this industry is the key area vital to sustainable future of our environment. We are able to meet the varied requirement of such huge sector in energy and petroleum industry thought forming workable partnership between local and international companies ensuring the expertise in each area essential to project fulfillment. Whether engineering, procurements, trade, logistics, managements, co-ordination, integrations, implementation, facilitation and finance are our proficiency and of a immense undertake andmandatewithin EmiratesNational Petroleum P.J.S.C. We believe the demand in today’s world growing population for petroleum products and energy cannot be dismissed by ignoring its impact on environment, Hence we dedicate a research division by allocating fund from our partners, associates and success of our trading and projects implementation in which would go toward research and development (R&D) in energy and environment (E2) for sustainable and longterm profitability. In parallel, we believe it is essential to balance both the demands of industry and its impact on the environment, and at every stage of implementing projects. This in turn has positive impact for industry through increased eRciency and sustainability of industrial plants.

Message from our CEO

Ali Mohammad Saeid


ENPC’s success is built on strong partnerships, technical expertise, experienced trader and a proven ability to deliver superior operational results. We continually invest in the company and our employees, proactively innovate to improve processes and results, and strive to meet the highest standards of integrity and safety in the workplace. Our overall strategy is to invest in trade and logistics to generate long-term value, achieving returns well above our cost of capital. We are focused on value-added growth, which we achieve through our portfolio of high-quality assets, track record of operational excellence and commitment to capital discipline. We do this with an integrated business model that combines world-class assets and leadership in advancing a lower-carbon future. Our core business and operations are in Gulf region, where we have significant opportunity to be in the heart of oil producer and in Abu Dhabi which is planning to be the biggest petrochemical supplier as per plan before 2025. ENPC is focused on the long-term sustainability of our business and we aspire to be the first oil and gas company to train fresh graduated Emiratis in
our facility school to qualify them to feel and understand international business and to learn how to design and build the spare parts locally in our facility , we are investing on young generation to be able to serve the country in better manner and motivate them to find their skills, We are focusing in expanding our LPG business to Africa and Far East in the year of 2022, All of this is made possible by our talented global workforce, which enables us to operate effectively in highly diverse cultural environments. Sustainability remains a key area within our corporate strategy. We will consistently develop and apply processes that enable us to continuously improve our safety culture. We will utilize approaches that always minimize our environmental footprint and impact that may result from our operations. In the absence of tolerable regulations yet to be in-place, we will continue to attempt to leverage and apply industry best practices and standards regarding environmental management. I am proud of all we have accomplished till now. I am also excited and energized as we enter our next years to come. I will ensure that ENPC remains at top trader of oil and gas sector in the region, East Africa and Far East, and is fully committed towards continuing to actively support the sustainable and holistic development of the nation. We will continue building on the strengths of our past, and with our proven track record, capabilities, as well as unwavering corporate values, look forward towards continuing to play an active part of structuring a brighter future for the Energy Industry.

Deliberate Aims


To be an innovation energy partner, silvering ecological, environmental, conversational value and diligence leading performance.


We deliver world class sustainable and integrated energy solution.


Shipment & Logistics

Our Services and Project Chartering

As a freight operator we are offering transportation services from different size vessels, within different continents in the world. Today the company operates through worldwide offices with its partners and has professional staff and employees. The company has also established a ship owning arm investing in secondhand vessels.

We specialize in chartering world-class fleet variations to our shipping customers with daily vessel tracking, and full operational services. The company enjoys close and excellent relations to all major owners and operators. We are recognized for the quality of our services and we will be happy to assist you with your next inquiry. 

Charterer Liability and Cargo Insurance during Transport

We help you organize insurance for your cargo – carried by any mode of transport on any routes.
You can choose between:

  • Policy for single cargo transportation
  •  General policy (contract) for cargo insurance covering all transportation for acertain period of time.

The insurance policy will cover the costs associated with damage or loss of cargo that occurred as a result of unforeseen situations: theft, robbery, war risk, lockouts, etc. Damages to be compensated are those caused by the damage or destruction of the goods, the cost of salvage or repair of damaged goods, the cost of the examination/expertise.

We own and operate our young fleet as below:
  1. Medium Range(MR) → 4 vessels
  2. Aframax → 3 vessels
  3. LPGTanker → 1 vessel


Today one of the big challenge is product availability for spot deal for clients, buyers are looking for consistent business, new clients always need their product at soonest and they don’t mind to pay more; having our aRliate with storage facilities and floating storage units in diIerent location with diIerent depth andcapacity in China, Malaysia, U.A.E. (Al Hamriya) give our clients easy access to load their need in their market demand.

  • Hamriyah: 220,000 CBM
  • Malaysia: 90,000 CBM
  • China: 400,000 CBM

Black suchasfuel oil andclean products suchasgasoil,gasoline andnaphta


Our experienced sales and marketing teams, coupled with our expertise gives enormous buoyancy to our clients when it comes to product range, which we are dividing into four different categories:

  1. Oil & Gas Products
  2. Petrochemicals
  3. Oil & Gas Equipment and Tools
  4. Services (including Logistics and Storage)

Corporate Effective Management

Corporate Governance – EIective Governance Drives Value Creation

Liability to key investors is on ENPC‘s corporate management, along with strategies and management systems that contribute to eRcient and eIective operations. Continuous corporate management improvements are integral to the way ENPC conducts business – reinforcing the role of eIective governance as an essential driver of value. The company deals with a varied range of products, namely – such as Oil, Petroleum, Petrochemical and gas, Including Crude Oil as well as equipment’s. The company is also a platform for active traders in the Oil and Gas sector. Connecting Buyers and Sellers including investors all over the globe.

With our large network in the oil trade within international markets, Due to our cooperation with several dealer in the re-join and having previous contract with the value of €350 M per year, and another additional trade which we are going to re write it with Emirates National Petroleum Company, and with 1.2%growth for the year of 2020 and another 4.5% for the year of 2021 then our projection will be asfollow:


Our Branches