About us

Emirates National Petroleum Company P.J.S.C. “ENPC” is a leading integrated international energy performer, operating across the energy sector significance string.

As an entity of the private sector, 90% owned by SANBAN Business Commercial Investments L.L.C., a highly reputable and respected local company in different fields of activity. SANBAN Business Commercial Investments L.L.C. is owned by His Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, a member of the royal and ruling family of Abu Dhabi, His Excellency Mr. Abdulmajeed Al Fahim a reputable pioneer of Al Fahim Group, Mr. Ahmad Al Khoori a well known business and investment leader and Mr. Mohammed Al Hebsi an honourable Business to Business Ambassador.

ENPC’s main business trade, import and export of petroleum products, petrochemical products, equipment, fuel and lubricant.

Message from our Chairman

ENPC’s founders’ prime objective is to inspire a quality culture focused on the petroleum and energy industry within the region and beyond. We strive to achieve our objective by implementing new infrastructure projects with enhanced technology coupled with advanced design, system engineering, planning studies and also by upgrading and the rehabilitation of existing dated facilities in this industry, which is a key area that is vital to the sustainable future of our environment. We are able to meet the various requirements of such a huge sector in energy and petroleum through forming workable partnerships between local and international entities ensuring the availability of expertise in each area essential to project fulfilment.

H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Nahyan


We are able to meet the varied requirement of such huge sector in energy and petroleum industry thought forming workable partnership between local and international companies ensuring the expertise in each area essential to project fulfillment. Whether engineering, procurement, trade, logistics, managements, co-ordination, integrations, implementation, facilitation and finance are our proficiency and of a immense undertake and mandate within Emirates National Petroleum P.J.S.C. We believe the demand in today’s world growing population for petroleum products and energy cannot be dismissed by ignoring its impact on environment, Hence we dedicate a research division by allocating fund from our partners, associates and success of our trading and projects implementation in which would go toward research and development (R&D) in energy and environment (E2) for sustainable and long-term profitability.

In parallel, we believe it is essential to balance both the demands of industry and its impact on the environment, and at every stage of implementing projects. This in turn has positive impact for industry through increased efficiency and sustainability of industrial plants.

Message from our CEO

Our aspiration and knowledge is driven with close collaboration with world class companies holding the technology, the know-how and the networking with our SANBAN Business to Business Ambassadors, as well as research institutions supporting our clients in providing the best suppliers, contractors, design team, engineering and services beyond the warranty period ensuring full satisfaction to both the end user and even generations to come.

Abdulmajeed AlFahim


We are a commodity merchant company, focused on

Physical Trading

Asset Acquisition & Development

Optimization and Structuring

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan
ٱلشَّيْخ زَايِد بِن سُلْطَان آل نَهْيَان

It all started with the vision of our founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed. A vision that has inspired us to develop a prosperous and secure future for the nation. ENPC continues to further this vision by investing in diverse sectors in Ras Al Khaimah and across the Seven Nations.