- Ahmad Al Khouri

Vice Chairman

- Abdulmajeed AlFahim


- Ali Mohammad Saeid

Development and Planning Director

- Mohammed AlFahim

Public Relation Director

- Mohammad Al Hebsi

Corporate Governance → Elective Governance → Drives Value Creation

Liability to key investors is on ENPC‘s corporate management, along with strategies and management systems that contribute to efficient and effective operations.

Continuous corporate management improvements are integral to the way ENPC conducts business – reinforcing the role of effective governance as an essential driver of value.

Board of Directors

The board is responsible for preserving and enhancing ENPC‘s long term value for stake holders, the board relies on integrity and diligence of its senior management team, external advisers and auditors to oversee ENPC‘s overall performance objectives, organizational initiatives, annual budget and financial plans, investments, financial performance reviews, risk management practices, and corporate governance initiatives.

Board Committees

Audit Committe

The audit committee assist the board in fulfilling its responsibilities to oversee the financial reporting process, the internal control system, the audit process, and the organization’s process for monitoring compliance with law, regulations and ethics programs, along with management and the central auditors, the committee review the group’s financial statements upon completion of the annual accounts, and monitors the integrity and appropriateness of the financial statements. It also oversees the adequacy of the internal control systems, reviews the efectiveness of internal audit, and guides the selection, compensation, independence and performance of external auditors.

Creating Value Together

Our shareholders play a key role in growing our business. Their trust and loyalty supports the development and financial strength of ENPC over the long term.

Firstly, being an individual shareholder of ENPC means that you want to increase the value of your assets over the long term by investing in a well-established, profitable company. It also means that there is a dedicated team and departments available to inform and assist you. Finally, being a ENPC shareholder means sharing the ambitions that drive us: becoming the responsible energy major and meeting the dual challenge of protecting the environment and meeting the energy needs of a growing population.